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Is there an educational requirement to participate in Let's Talk Students?

Let’s Talk Students is a digital platform open to everyone without any pre-requisites or prejudices. There are no educational requirements to participate in the events.

How much does it cost to join Let's Talk Students?

Membership in Let’s Talk Students is completely free and without commitment. Our goal is to develop collective intelligence around topics of new technologies and innovation.

What are the benefits of Let's Talk Students for a student?

Let’s Talk Students allows students to join a network of entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and companies that are 100% connected around the world. Through Let’s Talk Students, students and young graduates will be aware of latest updates in technology, to put theory and practice together, and to develop and promote their skills. Through this initiative, students and young graduates will have to access to free valuable information in order to orient their future careers towards the promising professions and sectors.

How to be a Speaker ?

Interested in becoming a Let's Talk Students speaker?

Find below the admission process:

  • Send us your resume or linkedin profile here 
  • We will get in touch with you for an interview  
  • Your profile is selected !
  • You become a member of the community !
  • We organize your schedule with you.
What is Let's Innov ?

Let’s Innov is the main event of Let’s Talk Students, it allows to highlight each month the talents of the students by putting forward their achievements, their projects, their ideas in front of an audience of investors. This is the event not to be missed!